The Central Arkansas Rose Society
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Contacting The Central Arkansas Rose Society (CARS)

If you have rose questions or if you’d like more information about the Central Arkansas Rose Society or the American Rose Society please contact us by email or by phone at 501-514-2194.

You may also contact the following Consultant Rosarians:

CARS’ Consulting Rosarians

Our consulting rosarians (CRs) are trained to provide good advice for those wishing to grow roses. Having questions about roses and their care is not unusual so don’t be bashful about contacting one of our CRs if you need information.

*Don and *Paula Adlong, Conway, 501-329-6996

*Carol Shockley, Conway, 501-514-2194

*Ed and *Mary Carle, Camden, AR, 870-836-1125

Pat Gibson, Benton, 501-776-0985

John Baker, Conway, 501-499-3102

*Denotes Master Consulting Rosarian